How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay that Rocks

  • Knowledge of how to write a comparative essay is one of the foundation blocks of a good grade in almost any subject. But given a rather tricky compare and contrast essay format that requires lots of mind-boggling work to be done, this type of essay writing isn’t very popular among students.

    Unlike a narrative essay, where you speak up your mind on a certain topic, or a description essay, where you fetch characteristic features of a certain subject, generating stunning compare and contrast essay ideas requires you to think and analyze of the first place, in addition to using your best skills to deliver a nifty academic piece. However, the following quick guide will help you hop on the track pretty quickly.

    Shuffling compare and contrast essay topics

    The issue of how to write a compare and contrast essay that hits the credits jackpot is all about picking the right topic. Yeah, it’s difficult and sometimes seems next-to-impossible, but to do a great job, hours have to be spent in order to find the topic that’s engaging, interesting and relevant.

    As far as compare and contrast essay topics are concerned, they have to imply two different subjects that have both similar features and different ones. As a rule, there has to be the golden middle, when it comes to the differences and similarities the two subjects have.

    Another important issue is that your topic suggests controversy. If you get an example of a compare and contrast essay where the subjects are too different from the first glance, you’ll see how elegantly the author finds similarities, delivering a truly stunning piece. Such essay offers a great level of entertainment and academic satisfying, which is almost a half of a fine grade earned.

    Compare and contrast essay hints to keep in mind

    Before you start drawing up a compare and contrast essay outline, you have to develop a chart or table with all similar and different characteristics of your two subjects. Give it some time providing a genuinely definitive list, so you never come back to the writing stage again, wasting time and efforts.

    In addition, it’s highly recommended to download a couple of examples of compare and contrast essays to have a vivid example of how the work has to be carried out right. Never underestimate the importance of a writing instance, as it’s the foundation of any great essay done.

    Got all the necessary compare and contrast essay examples? Time to think of a killer-dealer thesis statement. Since it’s an essay you’re writing, not a dissertation, your thesis sentence must be really short and informative. In the ideal world, a thesis statement has to focus on three key compare and contrast aspects, based on which you’ll analyze the two subjects at hand.

    And finally, after consulting a comparative essay example, your eye will notice a specific body section structure. As a rule, in a compare and contrast piece’s body there is one paragraph allocated to each of the subjects, describing characteristic features of each. All the descriptions and analyses have to follow the point-by-point approach.

    Why students download compare and contrast essay examples

    With a sample compare and contrast essay, the process runs smoother. Having a bright instance in front of your eyes offers you a great deal of writing awareness, which pays off with increased competence and self-confidence. You. Can. Do. It. Compare and contrast essay examples college students download from professional writing sites always give a competitive edge with academic writing, which is as important, as it’s tedious. But a nice sample fixes the thing once and for all.