eBooks at Adelaide Review

  • As far as eBooks at Adelaide goes, it is a free online book storage of University of Adelaide. The site focuses on literary works only, that is why you will not find any video or music fileshere. Nevertheless, it comprises an extended collection of classical, science, philosophy and medicine literature. It is rather convenient for those who knowexactly what they are looking for.

    The first thing, which catches the eye entering the site, is its formatting. Everything is organized in an old-school bookish style with some aged background. One more special thing about the design of the page is that it occupies not the whole screen, but only its part in the A4 format.

    All books are sorted by authors, titles and subjects.


    This section contains a list of authors, organized in an alphabetical order. eBooks at Adelaide provides a short biography of each author and his works available at this site.


    Once you have clicked on a certaintitle,a corresponding eBook appears. Actually, you can read it online or download instantly. Below one may find a tool box, where it is possible to switch between various actions, such as: “read”, “download” or “print” a book. No need to make bazillions of clicks to find necessary literary work, thumbs up.


    As for the subjects, they are rather diverse. Books are grouped by the following themes: History, Science, Religion, Philosophy, Travel and Design. Each subject contains a list of relevant literature.

    The site is being replenished with new books every week. You may find the list of updates in the New section.

    To cut a long story short, eBooks at Adelaide is a “cozy” website with an interesting design and rich content, which definitely will be interesting for students and occasional readers.