Internet Archive Review

  • Internet Archive is the largest online library containing approximately 6,454,689 books, 2,075,636 audio materials and 1,664,237 videos. Quite impressive, isn`t it? In addition, internet archive comprises 423 billion web pages, some of them being very, VERY old. It means that you can find even the most “ancient” web pages. I suggest us having a closer look at this gigantic online information storage.

    Having entered internet archive, you will find the following sections: web, video, texts, TV newsand open library.


    This division reminds of a time machine, which can transfer you to a definite event, year, month and date. Just write an electronic address of the page in a search box and you will get the result. You can easily find any web page and save it, if needed.


    This section offers a wide range of video materials. There are various genres of movies, news broadcasts and concerts available at but one site. If you want to enrich this huge collection, you can upload your videos and even protect them from illegal usage by setting a common license. What is more, you can trace the most popular video by the rate of downloads or view some interesting piece of information in forum posts.


    Collection of eBooks of this online resource will leave nobody indifferent. This is the whole “empire” of a printed word with almost 7 million exemplars available in different languages. Furthermore, if you come under the number of people who feel something magical in reading, touching or smelling paper book pages, then you are free to download and print a piece of literary work. Within this section there is one more service you can take advantage of. Open library gives you an opportunity to read in a browser.
    Needless to say, book collections are being renewed all the time. Moreover, among book suppliers there aresuch established libraries as: Boston Public Library, Library of Congress and numerous partners from Europe and Asia. In such a way, you will not place in question authenticity of the material. Of course, if you have something to add to this huge library, feel free to contribute your book in the electronic or paper edition.

    TV news

    Looking for some piece of news? Then TV news archive will “lend you a hand”. Here you can get access to some video fragments as well as full versions of any TV show or news broadcast.
    There is, of course, more information to cover about this wonderful site, but as they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. So, welcome to Internet Archive and all those wonders it holds for you.