Open Library Review

  • Open Library is like a small bookstore in a town, where people come for a cup of coffee, good literature and warm talks. The total quantity of literary works is numbered over one million eBooks. A specific feature of this site isthat it provides a separate web page for every book.Having chosen a book, you will discover a lot of interesting facts about it. Besides a small description, attached to every literary work, there is information about its author, edition history and a huge number of formats a book can be read in.

    You can search by subjects, authors and lists.


    This section contains subject headings, places, where the narration is published, related people, and time period.


    Since Open Library collaborates with several libraries around the world, there may appear difficulties with finding a certain writer. The matter is that writers’ names and surnames may be put in various ways causing confusion. That is why Open Library created Magic Merge Wand where all the obscure wording is collected.


    Lists comprise books united under certain headings. There are plenty of works in History, Philosophy, Photography, Foreign languages and other spheres of human knowledge. This section is also a place where you can add your own list, regularly update it and share with friends.

    Open Library offers an opportunity to contribute to the catalog adding a newrecord. For this, you will have to log in the system.

    One more peculiar characteristic of the site is its monitoring system. If you have not visited Open Library for quite a long time, all changes and novelties will be available in a convenient diagram.

    Interested? Hurry up to visit Open Library, it’s one hundred percent worth the time spent.