What Is a Thesis?

  • What is thesis? A definition of thesis may be easily illustrated by the tradition of craftsmen in the Middle Ages. In order to be accepted to a guild of traders, they had to demonstrate their ability by creating a piece of work.

    This piece was called “a masterpiece” and was judged by the officers of the guild. If he a craftsman passed the examination, he granted a title of a Master of his trade.

    So, what is a thesis in terms of education and getting degrees? When educational institutions appeared, they emulated the practice of the craftsmen and started granting the Master’s and Doctor’s degrees to those who had proved an ability to do scientific and scholarly work. Today a thesis paper serves the same purpose: it is a proof the ability to perform certain work.


    • A PhD thesis helps one to get a doctor’s degree. A student must learn as much as possible about current scientific field of his/her subject, and add something original and valuable to this body of knowledge, making a discovery in his/her doctoral thesis, and reporting its results in a dissertation.
    • Obviously, that a master thesis helps one to rich a master’s degree. It requires making a new synthesis of available knowledge and reporting the conclusions and results in a thesis.
    • Thesis writing is also necessary to pass certain courses. This type of thesis is called a term paper. This assignment should demonstrate writer’s ability to connect information and report using his/her own interpretations. It is not required to make a synthesis or a discovery.

    How to write a thesis clearly basing on an expressed thesis definition

    So, how to write a thesis clearly? Most students can write clearly in case if they know what they are going to say. It is possible only if your paper is outlined and well-planned. So, you’d better start of writing a clear and detailed thesis outline not to miss anything important. After making an outline, you are free to define thesis format and make a thesis proposal.

    When you are writing your first draft, don’t worry about punctuation, spelling, or wording. Just write everything down on paper. After you have finished, just come back and correct the wording and organization. Once all the information is gathered and systemized and presented clearly, check spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

    Writing a thesis, try to use simple words and constructions. The subject matter is complicated enough, so your task is to make it clear. Therefore, use short words.

    A thesis definition requires you to explain anything. To do it effectively, just ask yourself about what your reader wants to know and make a list of questions and answers. Don’t write down all the relevant information you may find, try to put emphasis on the most impressing and valuable parts of your research.

    How to write a good thesis

    If you have no idea how to write a good thesis and get a better mark, you can improve your writing and explanations by asking other people to read it and to tell you what parts they find obscure. A good thesis should create a clear image in the audience’s mind.

    How to write a thesis paper without a clear structuring and explanations? It’s impossible. Divide your paper into sections and give them titles. Explain the reader the way you are organizing your research: “In this section the review of previous results will be provided. . .”

    So, finally, what’s a thesis? Basing on a small guide provided above, one may conclude that a thesis is the most complicated and overwhelming task in your academic career. So, you will have to try your best to write it successfully! Good luck.